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What is Snoop Dogg NFT – Get To Know All Info About It  

What is Snoop Dogg NFT – Get To Know All Info About It

Have you ever wondered what an NFT Snoop Dogg is all about? Is there any Snoop Dogg NFT collection andAll of us millennials, as well as those a little older and younger, remember very well the famous Snoop Dogg, one of the most successful hip-hoppers of the last two decades.

The unique style of music but also clothing, and lifestyle have resulted in this musical legend having hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Snoop Dogg’s NFT is a project that has appeared recently so that his fans could be satisfied with owning something unique such as his “digital work of art.”

A cult icon of hip-hop culture

Snoop Dogg is a cult figure in hip-hop and pop culture in his own right, and hardly anyone is familiar with his character and work. NFT is just the icing on the cake and the crown of his career that started to develop in line with the new technologies and hype created in the Blockchain industry and wider.

And he wasn’t the only famous one who entered the world of cryptocurrencies and non-. Fungible tokens. And other greats in the music industry from many different record labels and Hollywood, like Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mike Tyson, and numerous others.

So, what kind of NFT Snoop Dogg projects are we talking about? What kind of digital art awaits all those devoted fans around the world? And ultimately, what is the Snoop Dogg NFT price? Let’s see!

Get to know all about the NFT Snoop Dogg Projects.


The journey began with one of the most famous collections, “A journey with the Dogg”. This digital asset collection emerged into the NFT space in March 2021 by the well-known website. This collection included eight authentic artworks. All those artworks were inspired by rapper Snoop Dogg’s exciting life memories and experiences.

Among all other artworks in the “A journey with the Dogg” collection, fans could also enjoy the following songs as NFTs:

“Diamond Joint” “Snoop Doge Coins” as a limited edition NFT:

A good cause of his NFT sales

It is worth mentioning that this particular collection had a worthy cause since one good part of his NFT sales went in the direction of:

Youth Football League by Snoop Dogg Prominent artists within the Web3 space.

Sandbox and Snoop Dogg Collaboration – The Snoopverse

In September 2021, the rapper made a good deal with the Sandbox gaming platform to create something unique, a “Snoopversee.” Every dedicated NFT collector who’s into hip-hop and expensive NFT collections can expect in the Snoop Verse the following:

Avatars inspired by the rapper Snoop Dogg; 122 parcels of digital land; 67 parcels of premium land;

It’s interesting to note that among these parcels was an actual mansion of the rapper worth approximately $450 000 that one user paid. So, if you were a massive fan of the NFT Snoop Dogg project and yourself as an artist, you know what to expect.

Early access passes release.

In December 2021, the rapper released early access to his virtual world. With these special passes, users could participate in building their virtual world, getting in touch with their unique avatars and land plots, among other things.

Purchase of Death Row Records

In February 2022, Snoop Dogg surprised his fans a few months later by purchasing the famous Death Row Records. In addition, the rapper announced that he’d release the so-called “Bacc on Death Row,” i.e., “B.O.D.R,” representing his 20th studio album, but this time on-chain.

All songs from his album were released as Stash Box NFTs, where every song would represent one Non-Fungible Token. The total amount of the Stash Box NFT was rounded off at 25,000.

Collaboration with Clay Nation on Cardano

Two months later, In April 2022, we witnessed a collaboration between the rapper and Clay Nation on Cardano. We are talking about a “Baked Nation” where his fans could expect 10,000 visual representations of figures that the rapper himself inspired.

NFT collection “The Doggies.”

It’s also worth noting that Dogg released a special NFT collection called “The Doggies.” This interesting collection included 10,000 avatars in the form of:

Humans Aliens Zombies Dogs, etc.

The floor price of every piece was $460, and since the price was more than cheap, it’s not surprising that this collection was sold out in the shortest amount of time.

Partnership with the crypto casino gaming platform

The latest NFT Snoop Dogg partnered with the famous Reboot crypto casino platform. He joined as a “Chief Ganjaroo Officer,” taking it to another level regarding crypto gaming. With this, there were plans for raffle events as

How much is Snoop Dogg NFT worth?

If you are wondering how much Snoop Dogg NFT is worth, we will present you statistics for each collection:

B.O.D.R. floor price: 0.0125 ETH The Doggies floor price: is 0.05990 ETH

Regarding the following questions: “Where to buy Snoop Dogg NFT?” and “How to buy Snoop Dogg NFT?” you can do so on OpenSea, following their basic step-by-step instructions that can be found on their official website.

You can find all other information about NFT Snoop Dogg statistics and other collections information online on official NFT marketplaces.

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