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ANote Music ICO: $450K Raised, 25K Members, €50M Value

ANote Music ICO: $450K Raised, 25K Members, €50M Value

Quick Look

ANote Music aims for growth, offering new liquidity to music rights holders. Trading music royalties is now made easy; ICO is running from March 21-25. Already raised $450,000 towards a $700,000 goal. Boasts over 25,000 community members and €50 million in catalogue value. Projects massive industry growth, targeting diverse market participants.

The ANote Music Platform strikes a unique chord in the investment world, merging the vibrant beats of music with the rhythmic flow of finance. Designed to provide long-term growth opportunities, this platform opens new liquidity avenues for various music stakeholders. Let’s explore ANote’s harmonious blend of services and the financial details of its ICO sale.

Trading Royalties: Unlocking Music’s Value

ANote Music orchestrates the trading of music royalties, allowing artists, producers, and labels to monetize their melodic investments. By turning royalties into tradable assets, it amplifies the financial tune of music’s unsung heroes, ensuring everyone gets a piece of the pie, or rather, a note of the melody.

ANote Music ICO Hits 64% Goal: $450K of $700K

March 21 marks the upbeat of ANote’s ICO sale, aiming to collect a harmony of $700,000 by March 25. Currently, with $450,000 raised, representing 64% of their goal, the platform is set on the right key. Each NOTE, priced at $0.15, plays into the larger composition of ANote’s strategy to democratize music investments.

25K Fans, €50M Catalogue: A Market Hit

Since its debut on July 28, 2020, ANote Music has garnered a fan base exceeding 25,000 investors and music aficionados. With over €350,000 in royalties distributed and a catalogue value exceeding €50 million, it’s no wonder the platform has facilitated deals worth over €23 million, tuning into the industry’s rhythm with finesse.

Award-Winning: A Top Financial Tune

Not just a one-hit wonder, ANote Music has already earned its place in the spotlight. Recognized as a Young Innovative Enterprise and a finalist at the 2022 Startup World Cup, it’s clear that this platform is on its way to becoming a chart-topper in the financial world. Furthermore, with notable names like the Algorand Foundation backing it, its credibility and potential are unmistakably underscored.

Refined Investment: The Note Mechanics

In addition, the platform ensures only the finest tunes, with a strict due diligence process for catalogues aged three years or more. This ensures a harmonious income stream punctuated by clear portfolio monitoring and an innovative auction process. It’s music investment redefined.

Aiming for €150B: Reshaping Music Revenue

As the music revenue crescendo aims for €150 billion by 2030, ANote sets the stage for a diverse audience. Besides, from professional investors to everyday music fans, the platform offers a symphony of opportunities. Thus, it aligns perfectly with the industry’s expansive growth projections.

Exclusive: Inside ANote’s Backstage

With the exclusive ANote Backstage Pass Programme, members unlock a world of premium perks and community rewards. However, it’s not just about investing; it’s about being part of a larger community united by a love for music and finance.

Tokenomics: Unlocking Music’s Future

In the world of ANote, NOTES play more than just a musical role. Designed for utility, these tokens serve as the key to unlocking the platform’s full symphony of features, paving the way for a harmonized financial future in the music industry.

Pioneering a New Music Finance Era

As we face the music of tomorrow, ANote Music stands as a beacon of innovation. Moreover, by blending the rhythm of royalties with the tempo of trading, it introduces a new genre in financial investment. Consequently, this promises a future where music and money perform in perfect harmony.

ANote’s Future: Beyond the Final Chord

All in all, the ANote Music Platform conducts an impressive symphony of finance and melody. With its successful ICO and forward-thinking services, it sets the stage for a future where music royalties play a central role in investment portfolios worldwide. The melody has only begun, and the future looks bright for investors and music aficionados alike.

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